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Ali Fakhar – علی فخار

Ali Fakhar علی فخار

Ali Fakhar

A Marketing Explorer, PR, and Video Games Veteran

As a data-driven marketer, I help businesses to execute effective marketing activities to reach the goals with measurable insights. Feel free to contact me for consultancy.


I consider myself as an idealist and I have constantly tried hard through my life to expand both my knowledge and skills in various areas to improve my career step by step. Being improved and setting new goals are my personal drivers in life and I cannot stand the lack of progress in my career. 

My professional career has bonded with Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, and Video Games. I have over 10 years of experience in PR, Marketing, and Journalism; thus I’m fully aware of directing and creating a PR or Marketing Plan with all of its tricks to reach the highest performance. I do like challenges, therefore I usually use creative ways to do my tasks. Also, I have extensive experience in social media management, content marketing, project management, and event planning.

زندگی کاری من با مارکتینگ، روابط عمومی و ویدیو گیم گره خورده است. به نحوی که بیش از ۱۰ سال سابقه فعالیت حرفه‌ای در حوزه خبرنگاری بازی و آی‌تی، مدیریت روابط عمومی و مارکتینگ را در کارنامه دارم. طی سال‌های اخیر سابقه مدیریت پروژه‌های گوناگون، مدیریت کمپین‌های ۳۶۰ درجه و اجرای ۰ تا ۱۰۰ رویدادهای تخصصی را برعهده داشته‌ام


Geeks Ltd

Marketing Manager (April 2022 – Present)

Geeks ltd is a technology company based in London, UK. They provide bespoke software solutions to companies that wants to grow with technology.

Senior Public Relations Manager (Aug 2021 – Present)

Firooz Hygienic Group is one of the biggest producers of baby's and mother's products in Iran with more than 1,500 employees.

Huawei Technologies

Senior Marketing Communications Manager (Dec 2019 – Aug 2021)

Huawei is one of the world leaders of technologies, producing numerous gadgets for different usage and customers. It's known as China tech giant.

Marketing & Public Relations Manager (Oct 2019)

Effects Montreal is the biggest international conference for the VFX & Animation industries on the North American East Coast, bringing top quality session to the enthusiasts. Every year almost 2,000 professionals are gathering in Montréal to share their knowledge and discover the latest trends.

Founder and Director (2020 - Present)

VIGMAwards is a gaming event in which, critics will choose the best games of the year. The event has 2 section, one is conference and another is the awards section.

Public Relations Manager (April 2015 – August 2019)

Iran Video Games Foundation is a semi-governmental organization, which its main objective is to plan and support the Iranian game industry. I had managed its PR section during this time with lots of responsibilities.

Digital Marketing & Public Relations Manager (July 2017 – August 2019)

Iran Games Cup is the biggest eSports competition in Iran. At the IGC 2016, the number of attendees was less than 2,000 gamers. But when I joined the team, I had managed to gather 7,000 Gamers for IGC 2017 and 12,500 Gamers for IGC 2018, which made the event the biggest eSports competition in the region.

Editor in Chief (2014 – 2018)

Donyaye Bazi ( which means “Gaming World” in Farsi was the first official video game magazine in Iran. After the publication of the magazine has stopped, only the website kept alive. I used to work at Donyaye Bazi before as a critic. I wrote more than 1500 articles about video game including reviews, previews, and news.

Public Relations Manager (May 2015 – March 2019)

Iran Game Festival (IGF) is the main video games festival in Iran. Every year, game developers in Iran will compete in this festival to win the big prize for the best game of the year. Being the PR manager of this event was a challenging job and I was able to make the event bigger every year from the perspective of the attendees, media coverage and etc.

Digital Marketing & Public Relations Manager (Sep 2016 – July 2018)

Tehran Game Convention was the biggest B2B event in the video game industry in the MENA region. I was responsible for both the Marketing & PR position. The first version of the event had got more than 2,300 attendees from all over the globe. More than 1,200 news/articles published in the media about the event by more than 250 journalists only for TGC2017.

IT & Video game Journalist (2009 – 2014)

Public Relations Manager (Oct 2015 – Dec 2015)

Public Relations Manager (2011 – 2012)



Information & Communication Technology, Bachelor’s degree – 2013

IELTS Academic: 7.5


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